Welcome to chedworth.net
This is chedworth.net, the web site for residents of and visitors to Chedworth Place and Samford Court, the tranquil Suffolk estate in the tiny village of Tattingstone - BBC Suffolk Village of the Year 2011.

Chedworth Place and Samford Court is located on the Shotley Peninsula - the area of land between the Stour and Orwell rivers - and sits on the southern bank of Alton Water, a reservoir built in the 1980s.

The estate consists of 33 private dwellings, many converted from the 18th century Samford House of Industry. The main area, Chedworth Place, comprises a central courtyard surrounded by a number of terraced houses, together with four detached properties. The courtyard is illustrated above, plus there are further images available in our gallery.

Further individual dwellings, both newly-built and converted, make up Samford Court, which overlooks Alton Water, as well as the communal garden and wood which make up the bulk of the estate's seven acres of land.

Final moves complete - at least for now!
With Julie completing her sale at the end of March, the latest comings and goings have reached their conclusion . . . we moved out of No24 after 18 very happy years and Jean and Colin are taking our place, while Natalie and George are the new residents at No12. We're sure our latest new neighbours will enjoy their new homes and surroundings . . . and we look forward to meeting up - if we are allowed! - at the summer barbecue.

Last updated 14th June 2021