To help residents who would like to take advantage of any services, or would like work carried out on their homes, we have compiled the following list of trusted traders, who have carried out work for other residents which has proved to be highly satisfactory. And please read to the bottom of the list - these traders are listed in chronological order, with the newest first, so our most trusted and longest-serving traders are nearer the bottom of the page!

Cleaners: The cleaners who service many of our homes are in high demand and cannot spare time to take on new customers. So it's excellent news that Julie has whoeheartedly recommended a new cleaner: Ros Mills of Mills & Broom (love it!). Ros has only just started her business after many years of being employed as a commercial cleaning supervisor and is keen to get some more clients around the Tattingstone area. Call her on her new number 07715 503274.

Boiler suppliers: Those of us who are still stuck with the original PowerMax boilers will face the prospect of having new boilers fitted - but DON'T GO to British Gas! They charged us a fortune when our boiler was condemned, and we have found many people have paid a lot less to have theirs replaced quickly and far more reasonably!

Our most recent trusted boiler fitters are E & D Maintenance, who many years ago serviced the Powermaxes. David Brown is highly recommended and more details can be found on their website

Another recommended Trusted Trader is Darren Pearson of Pearson Plumbing & Heating, who provided an excellent service to one resident, charging only £1940+VAT for a Baxi duotech boiler. He was professional and was able to juggle a couple of other projects around to replace the system as an emergency. Contact details are 01473 273 170 or 07771 703838.

Mark the carpenter - Did a superb, quick job on Elaine & Lloyd's picture rail and has since done some extensive work for Karin and Rudi. Call him on 07901 682178. He can do external & internal doors, built in wardrobes/cupboards, shelving, skirting boards, picture rails & architrave, all types of wood flooring & laminate, and on a larger scale pitched & flat roofs, decking, internal stud walls, cladding & window fitting.

All About You - our very own mobile beauty therapist! Samantha will treat you in your own home - just call 07843 665960

Mobile Mechanic: Gordon Mower did a great job - and very reasonably priced - when Elaine and Lloyd's car was disabled by an auxiliary drive belt failure. He can be reached on 07866 401165, by email at or check out his web site

Painter, decorator & fixer: There's nothing better than a local handyman - and who could be more local than Geoff at No.9! A number of residents have already sung Geoff's praises and you can see his work at Rod's (No.14) where he has done a superb job in replacing the porch supports. You can, of course, just knock on his door - but why not drop him an email (geoffaltonps at btinternet dot com) or call him on 326978 or 07525 744100.

Hypnotherapy and ‘Thrive’: Sarah's friend Melanie Collings can help you overcome symptoms of anxiety, fears, phobias, feeling down and depressed, obsessive behaviours, problems with food and weight loss, help to stop smoking without cravings. She can also help with children’s anxiety. For more information go to her website or call her on 07855 798789.

Malcolm Bennett - alarm specialist and also data and cctv Malcolm works for Viewcomm and knows all about the alarms installed on our estate, and provides a reasonable, friendly service. Contact Malcolm on 01473 464625, 07933 349059 or visit

Paul Moore - Tattingstone electrician and Alton BroadBand saviour! Paul is an Elecsa Part P registered electrician and no job is too big or small, including everything from fitting lights to complete rewires. Contact Paul on 01473 327353 or 07838 374695 or visit

Simply H20 - window cleaner par excellence, using pure water without mops and offering an eight-weekly cycle at reasonable prices. Contact Dennis on 01473 425732, 07889 043705 or visit

HighTop - the original window cleaners on this estate, who have now stepped up their game to clean the top storey windows. Give them a call on 01473 231232 or visit

Home visit hairdresser, Linda Smalley. Tel: 07803 589862

Barton Electrical, Graham Barton. Tel: 07976 685746,