Fibre broadband is here
With the news that BT's Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) trial was ending, some people in the village now have three choices when it comes to their broadband service - a new commercial contract using the FTTP cable, FTTC (to the cabinet), which completes its connection from the Wheatsheaf fibre cabinet using existing copper cabling, or Alton BroadBand, the community service set up by five households in Chedworth Place in 2011 and still serving over 40 villagers.

With both the FTTP and FTTC services not available to all, Alton BroadBand's internet connection is still the only option for some and so ABB will continue to operate even though the FTTP infrastructure provides a commercial option now.

New service on trial
Alton BroadBand have signed up for a business-standard FTTP connection at Nick's in Chedworth Place and this is currently being transmitted wirelessly to one other home, where speeds of up to 140 Mbps have been achieved. ABB will roll this out to other residents on a trial basis in the coming weeks, and will then be able to offer it to all existing customers in the square who can see of of the aerials on Nick's wall . . . unfortunately our ash tree gets in the way of some!

ABB would not be able to operate without the kind help of St. Mary's Church, Anna and Kev at the Wheatsheaf, Jackie and Rick at the White Horse, Bob and Priscilla Amos and Sarah at Tattingstone Place for allowing us to use their premises to transmit the broadband from our wired source to homes in the village. And the work could not have been completed without Nick Hall, Dean Welbourn and Tom Whitehouse of Welcoms and Paul Moore, our local electrician (details on our Trusted Traders page).